1÷65 KW

Compressor packs in a closed box without condenser
  • R404A/R507
    Capacity Range: 1-65 kW
    MT BT
  • R134A
    Capacity Range: 1-47 kW

This line of compressor units without condenser is designed for outdoor and indoor installation. All units are available with single compressor.

General features

All units have a galvanized and polyester painting (RAL 7035) steel casing. The basic version has following equipment: compressor, ????????????, liquid receiver fitted with a safety valve and a liquid line valve. Upon request, the units can supplied with the following accessories:

  • D rubber vibration dampeners
  • SA anvibration dampeners on suction line
  • FG liquid line filter and sight glass
  • S liquid separator on suction side
  • SV solenoid valve
  • OS oil separator
  • PSS high and low-pressure switches
  • PSB low pressure switch (pump down)
  • MAN HP and LP manometers
  • PSC pressure switch for condensing pressure regulation
  • FR condenser fan-speed regulator
  • QEM electrical panel