1÷65 KW

Compressor packs in a closed box without condenser
  • R404A/R507
    Capacity Range: 1-65 kW
    MT BT
  • R134A
    Capacity Range: 1-47 kW

This line consists of compressor packs with parallel coupled compressors designed for remote condensers; these units are designed for outdoor or indoor installation.

General features

The units have a galvanised and polyester painting steel casing (RAL 7035). The basic version comes with the following: compressors, liquid receiver fitted with safety valve, shut-off valve and filter on the liquid line (only for scroll units), general safety high pressure switch (manual reset) and LP (automatic reset), high pressure switch with automatic reset for compressor, 2 low pressure switches for electromechanical safety, pressure switches for condensing regulation, direct parallel of compressors, inlet pressure sensor, low and high pressure manometers, liquid and oil sight glasses, oil separator. On request, units can be supplied complete with:

  • D rubber vibration dampeners
  • FSA filter and shut-off valve on suction line
  • QEM electrical panel
  • MRACK or EKC331 controller
  • TXO electronic oil level (trax oil)